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    I've purchased quite a few...

    I'm making a tour/sampling of more recent science fiction novels. Particularly space opera style novels. Asimov was my first love with science fiction, and once I exhausted his novel supply as a teenager, I never really moved on save for Herbert's Dune series up to a point, some H.G. Wells, and a few other classics. Well, my father inspired me a while back by purchasing Pandora's Star by Peter F. Hamilton and reading the Commonwealth saga. He then went on to the void trilogy. I have sampled those books and eventually want to read them.

    Thanks some assistance from the amazing book store I visited, I was able to branch out from the notion of Hamilton and make some more semi informed purchases. Additional Alexander Hamilton, Alastair Reynolds, Eric Brown, Stephen Baxter, Charles Stross, Ian Banks, Allen Steele, and Kim Stanley Robinson purchases came as a result. Now I'm set for a while.

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    I have all of the Commonwealth Saga, but mostly just to complete out the series on my bookshelf. They're very in-depth reads, but I haven't finished them yet.

    I also hear so many good things about Alastair Reynolds, but I find his novels far too wordy, with a little too much detail on.. well, pretty much everything. Might be your cup of tea though.

    Some of my first series were the Priscilla Hutchins novels from Jack McDevitt, as well as Old Man's War (and it's sequels), by John Scalzi. Also, you can NOT go wrong with Rendezvous With Rama, but stay far away from their sequels.

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