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    Fargoer - A Finnish historical fantasy series of short stories

    Greetings !

    I humbly request you to point your browsers towards a new website to check out my project of ongoing fantasy short story series. First three parts have now been translated independently from Finnish, and there are five more to be translated, and more originals are in the works. The first story is free and the other two are sold at very moderate price. Here's the premise:
    We welcome you to step into the dark northern forest. A place where no plow had touched the ground this far in the wilderness. Where the tall shapes of Viking ships struck terror and awe everywhere they set their sails. This was the age of dreams and legends, of powers now long forgotten. Tales carried by whispers in the cold wind in this dark land.

    Vierra is a young woman among the Kainu people, a tribe of age-old traditions and ways. Hers is the grim and solitary existence of a woman cursed with greatness and destiny.

    Can she break her path painted in stone and find a place for herself in her tribe and in her turmoil-filled world? Or will she become 'the Fargoer?'

    Fargoer is a series of fantasy short stories that draws its power from the harsh yet beautiful nature and folklore of Finland. The combination of fast-paced action and wonder for the long lost worlds of yesterday borrows heavily from pulp-literature of the 1930's... with a bit of human touch and drama in the middle.
    If you like this, don't forget to like us in Facebook (

    And if you, more experienced self-publishing authors have any advice and suggestions for me, don't hesitate to share.

    Best regards
    Petteri Hannila

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    One thing that we forgot to mention: reviews. Your opinion means the world to us, so please lets others know what you think about the short stories, too For example, you can rate the first short story in Smashwords:

    (the review link is on the bottom of the page after you've logged in).

    Thank you and happy reading!

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    Thank you all for many wonderful reviews we've gotten so far! The first three short stories are now available from Amazon, B&N and many others (we had a slight delay due to some technical problems).

    You can also find the short stories for iPad and iPhone from the Apple iBooks app (just search for Fargoer).

    Happy reading, and remember to give us feedback if you like our work!

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    New platforms

    Thank you for all the great feedback, and keep it coming! Whether praise or purely critical, it is all welcome and encourages us to keep writing. Fargoer IV - Roots of Evil is in proofreading phase and will be released soon.

    Also, good news for Android users: Fargoer can now be found also from Kobo eBooks. Just install the Kobo client from Play Store and then search for Fargoer.

    After you've read our short stories, we hope you can find a few minutes to rate us too!

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    With Fargoer part IV just around the corner, the poem "Birth of Kainu" has been published. Birth of Kainu is a mythic poem telling the story of the origins of Kainu people.

    The poem can be downloaded for free from Smashwords:

    We're off to a great start and it's all thanks to you, our readers. If you like our books, don't forget to like our Facebook page. Reviews are also welcome and very much appreciated

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    Vierra's story continues in Fargoer part IV - The Roots of Evil!

    The fourth short story is available from Apple Store, Amazon, Smashwords and Diesel eBook Store.

    As an indie project we have very limited resources of letting people know about Fargoer. If you like the stories, we hope you could find the time to like us in Facebook, follow us in Twitter, or even mention us to a friend


    Fargoer - a Finnish series of Fantasy short stories
    set in Viking Age

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