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Is it possible there are another set of rules waiting for us to discover which do not require we invalidate Einsteins current theories?
Could the impossible of today be a phenomenon of our current limitations?
How far fetched are the theories concerning other dimensions and how strict are the conventions which prevent us from interacting with them?
The trouble is people say theory when they should say "speculation".

A theory can be tested. A speculation hasn't even gotten to that point.

Real science is figuring out the unknown not making a big deal about the known. Even is quantum tunneling can work that does not mean it can work with macroscopic objects. So all FTL methods in fiction are over the line into the UNKNOWN. They may all be IMPOSSIBLE. So a writer can either make a good story with one of them or not.

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none of which can be extrapolated from current scientific theories or experimentation.
And the "experiment" of a vertical self supporting structure being completely collapsed by its top 15% was done where?