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    August 2012 Flash Fiction Contest

    Long-winded nonsense ahead! Feel free to skip to the bottom of this post for this month's theme!

    Two years ago, I started looking for something: I looked for a place to share the ideas that I had been storing in my head for so long. I had this lifelong desire to write, and I decided that it was time to take the plunge and try my hand at storytelling. After finding a few places that weren't quite what I was hoping for, I found this place.

    I was lousy, but I learned. And learned. And wrote. Over time, I gained the most valuable thing a person can gain: knowledge.This knowledge, and the application of it, has made me a much happier person than the person I was two years ago. For the first time, I have a creative outlet.

    I want to keep writing. I want to learn more and apply that knowledge. I want to write something really worth reading. I don't expect to ever make a career out of writing, but even if I don't I'm content; I've gained everything I wanted, for almost nothing.

    This writer's forum has been one of the best discoveries of my life. And so, I have chosen a theme dedicated to sffworld, to this fortunate find that has started me down the road I have always wanted to be on.

    Your theme is Discovery.

    -1000 words maximum
    - Your piece must fit into the scifi/fantasy/horror categories

    Post your entries in the Stories sub-forum, and post a link here in this thread. Please label your submission properly so it doesn't get overlooked. Your thread title should read something along the lines of:

    August Flash Fiction Entry: Title of Story (or) Aug 2012 FF Entry - Title of Story.

    Contest deadline will be Saturday, August 25th, Midnight GMT.

    May you all find what you are looking for.

    (Oh, and mods, please sticky this thread. Thank you!)
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