Not particularly sure what I think about this episode.

The acting seems a bit wobbly. Didn't particularly find a lot of it convincing (for example, that scene where the dead people come back), and that killed a bit of the tension for me. And then there was Rory sliding... Oy. And the redheaded French Dalek woman in bondage gear...

As for the woman who's obviously the next companion. Easy on the eye (sigh...) but she seems like she could be fun. Not sure a skirt that short was anything other than something for the older male viewers

I laughed at the twirling Dalek, though. I also thought it was quite good that it seemed slightly self-referential with regards to seemingly pointless minutiae like the milk for the soufflés.

Overall, though. I think it was a bit wibbly-wobbly flimsy-wimsy. That whole stuff with Rory going AH LURVE YOU MOAR was just rubbish, though. Vom. Yet... that stuff with Amy is sad, though. But still... eh. But isn't Rory a robot still? Or partially? Or what's going on. I DON'T GET HOW THIS WORKS.

As for the end? Uh. Explained a few things, but... what. Human Daleks? Jeez. And the Daleks have the worst chains in the universe.

Ugh. My brain exploded. All that just for that pun?