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Just a though - I really must spend more time thinking about grown up stuff - but what is with the doing the same gag twice routine that's crept into this series? First there was the double helping of the 'eggs' joke in the Daleky one and now The Statue of Liberty as a Weeping Angel X 2. The thing may have worked, ominous footsteps and all, if we didn't already know what it was. They showed us 'the monster' in the opening minutes already!
And not to mention it didn't move despite not being looked at.

But yeah, this season so far has largely been disappointing. I think there've been moments of potential, such as Amy & Rory falling in the last episode, but they've been really badly handled. That scene would have been MUCH more powerful if we hadn't been shown them falling. Why? The camera work was just terrible, so were the effects, and it just ruined the shock of it.