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    Lightbulb C.A.T. - a robo-cat with a difference

    I'm new to this forum and as you've got a self-promotional forum I thought I would take advantage of it for C.A.T. - You've not met C.A.T. ... well it can found in any decent self-respecting e-book store...

    C.A.T. - the blurb

    Meet C.A.T., a robotic feline with self-learning capabilities. Oh, by the way, self-learners are illegal on Triton Base. If its abilities are discovered, it will be terminated, so it's been keeping a low profile. Until now!

    Thereís trouble in the Neptune System. Space-planes are crashing into asteroids, and one robo-cat is destined for the spare parts room, should anything happen to its owner, Commander Zacman. When he sets out on a suicide mission to find the rogue asteroids, C.A.T. stows away on board. Its mission...keep Zacman all costs...or suffer the fate of being permanently deleted.

    Neptune's Angel - the blurb

    Just when C.A.T. thinks Triton Base is back to normal, an inbound cargo craft radios a mayday. Seems a computer virus has infected the controls, and the ship is on a crash course toward the liquid oxygen fuel depot, a collision that will destroy the base. While Commander Zacman and his crew try everything they know to avert the disaster, C.A.T. investigates and discovers this virus is its old nemesis from back on Callisto, a malevolent AI now residing in Central and itching for a code-to-code battle to the deletion with C.A.T. Itís going to take a miracle to save them, or in this case, an angel.

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    Just to let you good people know that I will be givign a reading from C.A.T. at next Saturday's Bristolcon! Come if you can!

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    It is becoming traditional to put something Christmassy associated with science fiction on my blog over the festive period. This year it happens to be a short story entitled:


    Yes, C.A.T. is back!

    So if you're in the festive mood, hop over to my blog But be warned... this story will be removed by 6th January as is my tradition.

    Merry Christmas to you All!

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    Hm... I find it incredible that after two years and counting, C.A.T. is still selling! Is this normal for e-books like mine? How the heck should I know?
    For those that are interested... the third in the series is in the pipeline... I'll let you know as and when!

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    New Story - Guard Cat

    Just to let you good people know that a follow short story Guard Cat will be coming shortly... details as and when they become available, but the blurb goes like this...

    Just when C.A.T. thinks life on Triton Base is back to normal, an old love interest from Commander Zacman's past shows up. And if that's not bad enough, she brings with her a very special kind of robo-cat, A Mark 4 female Guard Cat with an alluring tail and a set of whiskers that are shockingly dangerous. She's one screaming mean feline that will teach him the meaning of love and the consequences of partaking in such human endeavors.

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