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    query: sf story about the last smokers

    There's a short story from the 50's or early 60's. It is the diary of one of the last cigarette smokers in the world. This small group of smokers is being hunted down by the authorities and they are in the mountains and down to their last cigarettes. The end is near.
    I thought this might be a Ray Bradbury story, but I can't find it in his works. It has been anthologized at least once, but I can't find it. Can anyone help?
    M Riley

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    Never ran across that one.

    Here is an alternative:

    Pandemic, by Jesse Franklin Bone


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    the last smokers

    I'm answering my own query. The story I was thinking of, about the last smokers being tracked down, was not from the 50's or 60's but from 1984, by Garrison Keillor (!), "The End of the Trail". It is anthologized in his "We Are Still Married."
    There's a contemporary Japanese story about a similar thing. The last smoker dies, is stuffed, and mounted in a museum. Yasutake Tsutsui, "The Last Smoker" transl. by Andrew Driver in the collection "Salmonella Men on Planet Porno" - should be a page turner!
    M Riley

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    Damn! I actually knew this one but the OP has tracked it down already.

    It's by Garrison Keillor and is included in the collection We Are Still Married

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