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    Your family, friends, and your science fiction experiences

    As a budding fan of 24 years, I live in a family whom don't really care about SF. Knowing nothing of other people in the science fiction community, I am interested in finding out how those around a fan, but especially pertaining to family, enhance or detract from a fan's experiences.

    I ask this question because I read on Wikipedia that "multi-generation fannish families" exist. I've also talked to some of my local friends and they have reported that their parents disapproved of their fandom for religious/moral reasons.

    Has your family helped you find your interest or hindered? Also how old were you when you discovered SF?
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    Growing up my older brother read some Sci Fi and Fantasy, my younger brother and parents just thought I as a nerd. no one pushed the pros or cons sci fi in my family. As for friends, mine were then and are now a pack of nerds.


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    "Damn them!" I say. Damn them all AND their pretentious and/or uninteresting literature.

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    My situation was different. I was born in Poland (still live here) in time of comunism. In that time it was very hard to read any sf/f, not mention to see a film. There was only 1! national tv channel (by the fall of comunism also second one) serving lots of propaganda. Nice People were reading or watching anything that was not about II WW and USSR-Poland "friendship" if only they managet to get such book somewere and somehow.
    The only "window to a world" was cinema also supervised by national censors. But somehow disribuors managed to convince censors this films would not spoil our minds and not turn from building country of uniwersal happines. So anyone, even not SF/F fan was going to cinema whenever such movie was played. I remember I'd been waiting id the queue for 8 hours to buy tickets for the "Never ending story". My parents also watched Western moovies. Especially when on ocasion of Xmas or Easter national tv graciously served them to the members of working class.
    But later, when situation changed my family didn't support my idea of becoming writer of fantasy. And they still look at me as on a freak They preffered me to become a dentist, scientist or any other "-ist".
    But I've choosen to be a poor writer an here I am

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