...from their writing these days? Man, I've written my story out of so many long-standing corners these past few weeks, it's just blowin' my mind. Had the "Ah-Ha!" moment many times ("This is what I've been created to do!"). I've been writing my story scene-by-scene. This gives me so much versatility and focus in my process. The task of writing a book no longer seems to be so daunting. Every scene I write is much like a story in itself. One will have a beginning, and one will have an ending, but those in between will be "ragged" at either end, for the ease of joining them together. I've been leaving space between paragraphs. Stephen King called paragraphs, "maps of intent". By spacing them, the emerging map becomes far more clear to me. And yes, grammatical errors, typos, and such are much easier to spot, and correct.
I am now actually very excited to get back to my writing. "Excitement" for me used to be finding a movie in the Redbox (DVD kiosk) that I had been wanting to see. Now, those 1.28 rentals have become a waste of money. I rarely watch the movies I rent now. I can write any movie I want...control every aspect of them. How much better can entertainment get?
I've been recalling all the times in grade school, when a teacher would choose my story out of all the others, to read it to the class.
I've learned so much these last several weeks.
I'm far from perfect, having a lot to learn, and experience. I never knew one can experience such an incredible adventure, sitting all alone in a room, just pecking away on a laptop.
Is there a literary equivalent to Muhammad Ali? There is now!