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    For those of you who can draw...

    Quote Originally Posted by RedMage View Post
    Oh definitely, Sifu. Completely agree. For a while it helped to read other books, see movies of the same/similar genre and tone, etc. Then it stopped and I think it was because I wasn't putting that inspiration to use like I should have. I am remedying that now. Hoping to be back in full writing gear soon!
    Though I haven't done it yet, I am very sure that actually drawing your characters while playing some music you feel somehow connects to the mood of your story will create words of fire on your pages!
    I've identified some celebrities who I feel help to personify some of the characters of my book. Thinking of them while writing a scene containing these characters seems to really help.
    It also seems that a "fresh pair of eyes", i.e., coming back to a scene you've written, can work what feels like magic upon your writing.
    Try though I might, I cannot seem to run on greed as my fuel, nor a tendency to "hoard". I'm put together to run on PASSION.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sifutofu View Post
    The coolest movie ever! Read the book? Awesome!
    I've actually never read the book, oddly enough!

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    I stand by outlines almost patriotically. They work. Writers who act all allergic to them and high-and-mighty about their not needing plans because "plans like, ruin the art, man, plans lock you in to the system's way of thinking, bro" are fooling themselves.

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