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    short story read as a kid

    I'm looking for a short story I read as a kid. Basically this guy finds a ring that, when he presses on it, allows him to travel back in time 56 seconds. So he gambles, and makes a fortune. Then, on a flight, the plane's roof rips off and he's thrown out of the airplane, pressing the ring every 56 seconds to extend his life, deciding when he should give up. Does anyone know the name of this story?

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    I read this story too! Can't remember the title or author, but I think there was an illustration of the guy hanging in the air with the story. Was it in a Twilight Zone-like anthology?

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    Yup, I remember that one as well! I've a vague feeling it was an old Stephen King, maybe from Graveyard Shift or Skelton Crew or one of the other short story collections, but I can't remember the name of the story either.

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    Lucifer! by E.C. Tubb
    "A man of questionable integrity finds a ring that allows him to travel back in time precisely 57 seconds."

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