A recent article in IO9.com advises that the Biosphere projects should be revived.

I agree: We have no hope to establish sustainable bases in space or on other planets unless we understand how to create a sustainable biosphere... and so far, we do not. The Biosphere experiments here and in the Soviet Union have demonstrated that we don't have the environmental, agricultural or biodiversity specs down. Further, the hardships of living in a struggling or failing biosphere space creates dysfunctional co-workers. We need to figure out the psychological and sociological needs and parameters of the crew in such a system.

Or maybe, the idea of creating an Earth-like biosphere in a place other than Earth is sheer lunacy, and we need to start thinking of systems that are totally unlike "transplanted Earth" but still sustainable.

This is an area that could use some fresh investigations and approaches in SF lit (see the "What's missing in SF" thread); I may even write one myself. Any thoughts from the gallery?