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    "Girl named Jak finds a hatchling dragon in a cave with it's dead mother,Gets bit by said dragon and sees a vision of a battle with her having to decide whom to help the white dragon(devan) or the purple dragon(her soon to be teacher) gets help from a friend and escapes to the free city's.Meets her teacher who takes her away to the woods to train.Six months or so later she meet a enemy dragon hunter who they (jak and her teacher) kidnape who helps save them from a evil spirit.Jak and teacher and hunter then travel to the home of the rebellion just in time to stop the main badys armys of doom."

    Yeah I'd check out Paolinin's Inheritance Cycle if I were you. You'll find your idea and his are quite similar. Also check out Kristian Alva's Return of the Dragon Riders not a female lead but again quite a similar storyline.

    Good luck, hope it works out for you.

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    It's a coming of age tale with dragon. It's been done with females and males dozens of times. The Inheritance trilogy will come up in some people's minds because that's a well known, bestselling recent one. But again, that's not the issue. It's what you want to do with the particular story you're writing.

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