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    looking for book about a knowage gathering spaceship, a kind of giant libery

    hi guys.
    a looong time ago i read a sci fi book ( i seem to remeber it being written by an japaniese or chienise auther but not sure) its main char is a teenage boy (young man) who lives on a giant ship, that gather knowage, its like a giant libery. i tink it was powered by a giantic solar sail or two.

    i think it was not a mayor action book.

    the boy meets a girl at one point i think.

    it was a series....i think two or three books.

    i think there was some type of hyporation going on, because i seem to remember them being kinda old and their journey taking a long time.

    they were from earth im pretty sure.

    hope some one can help me : )

    thanks a lot guys


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    I think Jon Bing's The Chronicles of the Starship Alexandria are what you are looking for.
    • Azur: Planet of the Captains
    • Zalt: Planet of the Steamlords
    • Mizt: Planet of the Ghosts
    • Tanz: Planet of Riddles

    He's Norwegian.

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    thank you so much : ) yes it seems to be that could be chiniese or japaniese : ) sadly it seems imposeble to find, so i can tread it again : ( but ill press on and see if i can find it.

    thanks again

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    I understand the author is quite friendly. He may be able to help you. His faculty page has a contact email.

    In addition, the Azur and Zalt at least are on Abebooks at the moment... I'm sure if you check ever month or so you'll ultimately be able to get them all.

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