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Finished it last night. Wow. Big book with a lot going on. Some of it was very unpleasant (as one would imagine for scenes taking place in Hell). Lots of ship content. That's always good in a Culture novel. And really fun reveal in the last word of the book.
To be honest that reveal was telegraphed big time; still an excellent book, was my top sf (and all around for that matter) book of 2010; just waiting impatiently for Hydrogen Sonata

Back on topic, a copy of Fractal Prince is on its way here and should come tomorrow, while I may also continue Empty Space (MJH) or On (A Roberts), or start seriously Hegemony (M. Kalina) or Zero Point (N Asher); I exhausted my epic mood for a few days (with the pretty good Pillars of the Earth) as well as the romantic/historical/suspense mood (with the awesome, blow me away Secret Keeper) so back to sf for a few days