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    Quote Originally Posted by JRMurdock View Post
    Just name a character Bob or Sue. Come up with simple names for characters until to do come up with a 'good' name. This helps you move past the stress of naming a character until the first draft is done.
    One thing my writing coach told me, that I really like and use: For your first draft, name your characters by their most defining characteristic or flaw (i.e. Brave, Jealous, Nervous, etc.). It gets you over the hurdle of what to name 'em if a name isn't readily apparent, and it helps as a guiding reminder of the "color" you want to paint your characters.

    Works for me.

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    My approach to names is to have a reference book around of given names and their origins.

    I give my character names based on traits in old languages with Greek and Latin origins most of the time, unless another origin is necessary for a character.

    Even Googling character names with the origin of names is pretty easy.

    Example the name a male hero can be Victor for victory.

    For a female hero, Diana is Latin which means, "The bright one."

    Alexander The Great's names has been associated with a conqueror with many variations for both male and female names that is perfect for villains, such as a name like Lex, Lexxie, Alex, Alexandria, Lexus, and so on.

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    As someone very wise once said, "sit arse in front of keyboard" (or words to that effect). It just has to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedMage View Post
    Last night I sat down for about 1 hour of writing time. I just moved into a new place and don't have internet yet so that was helpful. I put aside my phone, opened the laptop and the story and started working. I got to a point where I needed to know the proper term for something. Instead of using my phone to look it up I just opened a new document, took note of the question and where in the text of my story the answer needs to go. Then I highlited that particular spot in the story. Done deal and I was able to move on. A few minutes later I had another question regarding the same item. I noted that question under the first in the new document, cited it, highlited the story text, and was good go. Doing this freed me up from feeling like I would forget the question or where exactly the answer needed to go. Moral of the story, writing down questions to research at a later time is really useful!

    Sometimes you just don't think of a thing until someone else points it out to you.
    Very wise words indeed. I really need to take this advice!

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    It's worked wonders for me, Cirias! That was the first night of what has become a week of writing. That's more than I have done since March! I'll admit, though, I did miss last night and one other night last week. But I came back the next day and put more words toward the story. So really, I count that a win.

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