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    Man, right on the tip of my brain !

    I remember a story I read in an anthology. All I can remember is as follows. A man starts to notice odd things in his environment. Glitches I guess you would call them. Just little things like scenes freezing for a second, and such. He thinks he losing his mind. It turns out that he's been living in a virtual reality pod his entire life. It's very similar to the Matrix, but was written long before that movie. I know it was written before the early 80's. At the end of the story he manages to get out of the pod. He sees that he is in an underground structure with thousands of pods like his. He climbs up through the structure to a hatch at the top. When he opens it, he is out on a frozen tundra, where he dies in the cold. I can't remember any of the other stories in the book. I searched for it high and low, but must have lent it out. Hope someone remembers this book or story. Thanks,


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    This is very close to "Cocoon" by Keith Laumer, from Nine by Laumer (& later The Best of Keith Laumer).

    There's no element of glitching VR in "Cocoon"... everyone knows they are living in a pod—protagonist Sid Throndyke is proud to be a "Prote-sim man for years"!—but there is a mechanical failure of some pods linked to tremors caused by advancing glaciers.

    A phenomenal, haunting story.

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    Thanks for the reply. That sounds like a good story, I'll definitely check it out. I remember the glitching was the catalyst that starts the main characters quest for a way out. He didn't know at first he was a Podling, He starts asking other people about the glitches, and begins to think he's losing it. I can remember that but not the name of the story, blasted selective memory, LOL. Thanks,


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    While I believe that everyone should have a copy of Nine By Laumer on his or her bookshelf, if you just want to check out "Cocoon", Baen has it free on their site. It's in Future Imperfect.

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