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    Old book I read decades ago. . .

    OK, can anyone place this one?
    This was a book that I read years ago, and I want to reread it.

    This was something of a dystopic future, the government was keeping an eye on everyone. A totalitarian regime.

    The main character was a young man who somehow got the job of going to this wealthy person's home while they were away and keeping an eye on things. I remember there being carpet rolled up in the house. Kind of a mansion.

    So he meets a woman and for some reason he is not supposed to have anything to do with her, at least on a more personal level, if you know what I mean.

    So he takes her to the house he is watching and they start a relationship, and they then get caught somehow and he is accused of miscegenation.

    I remember that word in the story, so that should be pretty specific.

    It was a long story as I recall and there was time travel and everlasting life in it. But I could be mixing that up.

    Does that ring a bell?

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    Nobody knows what story that was?

    Wow. Nobody knows what story that was?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steevo View Post
    Wow. Nobody knows what story that was?
    Only a couple of tidbits here seem familiar, and for some reason I keep thinking of a movie rather than a book. It was bladerunner-ish is about all I can bring to mind.

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    Well, thinking of tidbits, a few more come to mind from old long lost memories.

    As I recall it turns out she is secretly from another planet, and they go there.

    This other planet has a treatment for anti aging, he gets it and so lives forever. The other planet also has time travel, but only one way. They send him back to the time of Christ and he witnesses many historical events over thousands of years.

    People age and die around him but he has to make himself up to look older and every so many years has to disappear and appear again younger elsewhere.

    Marries, raises a family, etc. Over and over to get back to present time.

    What a grind that sounds like, huh?

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