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    7 Signs That You're Not Ready to Publish

    Short, too the point, and oh so true!

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    The author of the article, Penny C. Sansevieri, is to be commended. Not only is the material good, but she is following her own advice.

    To wit: Ms. Sansevieri writes and sells books. Proof? You will notice, if you read through her article, that two of her books are linked (for sale) at the article's end. Marketing planning, of course, is one of her seven cautions. Ms Sansevieri is working smart by writing a short, cogent piece in the style that Huff-Post prefers. The article will be read hundreds of thousands of times. The books will be bought in much smaller numbers, but they will be bought--and she establishes herself as an expert, which adds to her personal brand.

    Yes, there will be those who succeed without well-planned marketing, but they will be the outliers, the lottery winners.

    Me? Slog... slog... slog.


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