Mike Loades, author of the excellent Swords and Swordsmen and all round historical Good Chap (tm), shared this awesome picture on Facebook today.


If you don't do FB, the thing looks to be about four feet long and the commentary reads:

"Mary Rose Museum

Alex Hildred, Curator of Ordnance at the Mary Rose, examines an incendiary arrow, one of the more unusual weapons found on the Mary Rose.

Made of silver fir with an oak flight, this object was found at the stern of the Mary Rose, alongside a bronze demiculverin (a type of cannon) which appears to have been the primary method of deployment. The head would have consisted of a pitch-coated cloth bag, containing Incendiary Mixture (gunpowder and sulphur) and a large iron spike, which would have embedded in the side of a ship, allowing the incendiary mix to blow a hole in the side."

Giant arrows. Fired out of cannon. On fire. Oh, the possibilities...