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    Syfy ignores Star Trek

    I am referring to the fact that google had a doodle honoring the 46th anniversary of Star Trek, while the syfy channel did nothing. Not one episode of any of the Trek series.

    I have been combing forums and find that maybe the Syfy execs, who I and many others complain about, may be onto something.

    I have google searched for "Syfy ignores Trek" and other key phrases and have had no returns. It appears that Sci-Fi fans are not "up-in-arms" about it.
    They are probably just tired of complaining.

    Any thoughts?

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    A 46th anniversary isn't really a major anniversary, there's no particular reason to assume they would do something for it. Besides, I'm under the impression that SyFy don't own syndication rights for Star Trek at the moment so they probably couldn't do much even if they wanted to.

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    Nope, and I'm not even sure SyFy could really afford rights to Star Trek either.

    Most sci-fi fans with access to SyFy are aware it's barely a geek channel anyway, it's just home to a lot of low-budget bad films and shows, as well as nauseating levels of repeats.

    At least in the UK

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    Just look at the name and that tells you a lot. They were really good when they started. I still remember tuning in and watching A New Hope as they inaugurated the channel (back when it was the SciFi Channel). They had good shows, lots of repeats it was hard to find anywhere else, and were just an all around good channel. I watched things all the time. Then came SciFi 2.0 and things started to slip. I haven't even tuned in since the made the stupid move of changing their name to SyFy. A dumb name for a dumb channel.

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    Isnt that a wrestling channel?

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    Not a major anniversary

    You are right that 46 is not a major anniversary. I just noticed the contrast between Google at least acknowledging it and the Syfy channel running their "bread and butter" (sarcastic) shows, Ghost hunters, paranormal stuff, Wrestling (here in the US) and No Sci-fi.

    I just noticed that BBCAmerica is running Star Trek all afternoon today.

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    That channel has been irrelevant for years. Let them wallow in the mud with their giant moth-monster movies and leave half-decent SF alone, just as its been for years. maybe someone will wise up and let that patient code before Star Trek's 50th.

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    There are what, 15-20 people left who think the "SyFy Channel" actually has much if anything to do with science fiction. Look at their line up. Reality shows, ghost hunters, and pro-wrestling. The Science Channel shows more science fiction than the "SyFy Channel."

    SF fans have moved on from the station, thus the lack of outrage.

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    As others have indicated, Syfy might as well have named themselves "The Fantastical Channel," their programming now being defined as anything that would be cool to 12-year-olds. (I was going to say 9-year-olds, but they also like to add a fair amount of sex-allure to the programming to attract the early-teen market.)

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