The question is pretty strait forward. First, I will give my thoughts, then a I give a list. I would like to hear people's thoughts on what qualifies as Sci-Fi and what does not.

Science fiction is a fictional story where the characters find themselves in a setting that is just beyond the scope of what is scientifically possible. The science may be built on a minority opinion in scientific circles, but there is a clear desire to remain true to our understanding or put forth speculation for those things that are theory but not fully understood. Science Fiction stays true to the universal laws that are initially laid down and accepted. (i.e. If transportation from one location to another is possible, then the transporter cannot become a time machine without some proper scientific explanation). Another question, does a setting in the future automatically make something Sci-fi?

So, to you guys, which qualifies as Sci-Fi and what does not and any thoughts.
The list is random and just off the top of my head. Please add your own.
(I do not believe that all of these qualify, I am just trying to get the discussion going).

Warehouse 13
Jurassic Park
Being Human
The Hunger Games
Vanilla Sky
Left Behind Series
Ghost Hunters
Weird Science
Lord of the Rings
Two Headed Shark Attack
War of the Worlds
Harry Potter
Chronicles of Narnia
A.I. (by Brian Aldiss, later movie by Spielberg)
Cowboys vs Aliens
The Twilight Zone
The Village