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    Your top osbcure science fiction novels.

    I am interested to see the names of a few books that have not made it to the best-seller, hugo, nebula, and greatest science fiction of X time period lists.

    Please share your favourites here.
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    You said you wanted a few, but I can and will provide a larger list (there are even more favorites that I could have listed, but they don't match your obscurity requirement. Some of these listed may not quite be obscure either):

    Emancipator trilogy - Ray Aldridge (a Vancian/STEN-like trilogy)
    The Star Fox, The Corridors of Time, The Time Patrol - Poul Anderson
    Of Man and Manta trilogy (Omnivore/Orn/Ox), Macroscope - Piers Anthony
    Cultural Survey series - Lloyd Biggle, Jr.

    Sten series - Chris Bunch & Alan Cole
    John Grimes series, A Bitter Pill - A. Bertram Chandler
    The Shores of Kansas - Rob Chilson
    Eight Keys to Eden - Mark Clifton

    Farewell, Earth's Bliss - D.G. Compton
    A World of Difference - Robert Conquest
    A Far Sunset, Transit, Expendables (written as Richard Avery) series - Edmund Cooper
    The Alien Way - Gordon R. Dickson

    Killer - David Drake & Karl Edward Wagner
    The Unreasoning Mask, Time's Last Gift, Tongues of the Moon - Philip Jose Farmer
    Gold the Man (aka The Mind Behind the Eyes), Conscience Interplanetary - Joseph Green
    Mindbridge, All My Sins Remembered, Worlds trilogy, There Is No Darkness (with Jack C. Haldeman) - Joe Haldeman

    The Ring of Ritornel - Charles Harness
    The Santaroga Barrier - Frank Herbert
    The Mind Traders - Joan Hunter Holly
    The Second Experiment - Janet Jeppson

    Colossus - D.F. Jones (made into the movie The Forbin Project)
    The Unorthodox Engineers, Cageworld series - Colin Kapp
    Warrior's Star - Rick Kennet
    Beyond the Barrier - Damon Knight

    Dinosaur Beach - Keith Laumer
    The Wanderer, The Green Millennium - Fritz Leiber
    Tuff Voyaging - George R.R. Martin
    The Bodyguard - Adrian Mitchell

    We All Died at Breakaway Station - Richard Meredith
    Venturer 12 series - Dan Morgan & John Kippax
    Illegal Aliens - Nick Pollotta & Phil Foglio
    Indoctrinaire - Christopher Priest

    Dag Fletcher series - John Rankin
    Men, Martians and Machines - Eric Frank Russell
    Telzey Amberdon series, The Demon Breed - James H. Schmitz
    Ship of Strangers, Nightwalk, The Palace of Eternity - Bob Shaw

    Up the Line - Robert Silverberg
    Daedalus Mission series, The Gates of Eden, Optiman - Brian Stableford
    Time Story - Gordon Stuart
    The Gardens of Delight, Queenmagic Kingmagic - Ian Watson

    The Dream Millennium, The Watch Below, All Judgment Fled - James White
    The Killing Thing (aka The Killer Thing) - Kate Wilhelm
    Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods - Jack Williamson

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    The Fourth R, by George Oliver Smith

    What is happening with the educational potential of Android tablets raises the interest in that story.
    Being in the public domain helps raise it to the top.

    The Killing Thing (aka The Killer Thing) - Kate Wilhelm

    Definitely obscure. A good book that disappeared.


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    Quote Originally Posted by B5B7 View Post
    The Unreasoning Mask... - Philip Jose Farmer
    Brilliant story!!

    The Ring of Ritornel - Charles Harness
    I've not read this one but The Rose by the same author is very strange and worth finding too.

    Tuff Voyaging - George R.R. Martin
    Again, brilliant - my gf's all time favourite book.

    Indoctrinaire - Christopher Priest
    One of the few of Priest's books I haven't read yet but as he is probably my most read SF author I suspect I would like this one a lot too.

    The Killing Thing (aka The Killer Thing) - Kate Wilhelm
    Read this a few years back; didn't like it much.

    To the excellent list from B5B7, as well as The Rose, I would add The Pillars of Eternity by Barrington J Bayley, Vanishing Point by Michaela Roessner, A Wreath of Stars by Bob Shaw and Definitely Maybe by Boris & Arkady Strugatsky.
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    Killer List

    Excellent list, B5B7. A number I have not read and some I have read and forgotten. Thanks for the memory jog. Sorry to be the stickler, but I'm certain "The Wanderer" won the Hugo in 1965. But Leiber should be mentioned anyway. He was a great writer and, after being so long out of print, it is good to see much now available as e-books.


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    Grant Callin's two book series:

    "A Lion on Tharthee"

    Loved them and was so disappointed that he didn't have more novels published.

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    Spinward Fringe Series by Ralph Lalonde

    This is a a series written by an independent author. The first book is free on Amazon. Very well written and complex story line with multiple characters. There is a lot of speculative sci-fi and common sci-fi tropes mixed together. Lalonde builds an excellent and massive world. Everyone should at least read the first book. Origins (Spinward Fringe).

    J.G. Martin

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    Lukyanenko's Labyrinth of Reflections series which is his best yet. Not yet translated to English professionally.

    Also The Organ Grinders by Bill Fitzhugh which isn't even marketed as SF... I suppose because it's possibly contemporary... they probably are growing chimps large enough to harvest their organs right now. Only the rich people who can pay off dodgy doctors know about it.

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    Unfortunately I have no recommendations to add (yet!), but just wanted to say that there have been some great suggestions so far! Quite a few have been added to my to-read list and a couple have already been ordered. Keep up the good work!

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    I have two--

    The Star Kings by Edmond Hamilton

    The Dark Millennium by AJ Merak

    I read both of these books in the mid to late 70's and enjoyed them a lot. It took me 25-30 years to track down The Dark Millennium and buy it through Amazon.

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