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    any novel about a autocrat/dictator/emperor

    what I'm looking for is a novel about a dictator, or any kind of autocratic ruler. something that outlines his rise to power and how he dealt with those opposed to him. how he became powerful, how he staged a coup and wars/conquests etc.

    the only books that have had this theme that i can think of is

    fitzpatrick's war and I, Mengsk.

    if you guys have any that you can recommend i would greatly appreciate it.

    it could be near future, alternate history far future etc doesn't matter.

    currently I'm looking into a series called the keepers. the first book supposedly chronicles the rise another german dictator named Geiseric. i haven't even gotten the book yet but its the only one in my list of choices so far

    thank you

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    Check the Folding Knife by K.J. Parker, that should be close.

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    Give "The Man who Used the Universe" by Alan Dean Foster a try.

    Another older work would be "Bio of a Space Tyrant" by Anthony

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    David Gun's Deaths Head series and Chris Bunches Sten series.

    Not really concentrating on the autocratic ruler but......

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    I, Claudius, and Claudius the God by Robert Graves

    The best imho, are the films of The Godfather and Godfather II

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    God Emperor of Dune, certainly.

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