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    Wanna Trade? Amazon Loan Feature

    Noticed that Blood Song, which I really liked and people on this forum are very positive on, can be loaned to someone for two weeks. Its only $2.99, but hey, that is $2.99 I can save someone (someone that can finish a 600 page book in two weeks anyway). So I have that available for trade, as well as probably many others that I'm not aware of

    Let me know what you have, and obviously feel free to use this thread to trade with any posters here even if I'm not involved.

    Edit: Actually, "trade" may be the wrong term since I'm more than happy to loan it to someone that doesnt have anything I want as well on a pay it forward type theory.
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    Hi Art

    How does the amazon loan feature work. I've read Blood Raven, but perhaps we can trade other books.

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    IMHO their Kindle lending program is a great idea -- but I like to OWN books, so I can go back to them later.

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