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    A Little Fevre Dream Insight Please

    Hello All! Its been a while since I last posted here, and I did search for a Fevre Dream thread, But didn't really find what i am looking for.I also don't know how often people check the GRRM section, so I will post it here. I understand if it gets moved.

    I will try to keep this short. I am a huge Martin fan, and by Martin I mean only GoT. I was just browsing the other day and came across Fevre Dream. I have thought about buying it multiple times, so this time I did. Please note, I have never read a vampire novel before. I figured if I was going to give one a try, might as well be George.

    Basically, I find the book immensely uninteresting so far. Sorry if I offend.. but I just couldn't care less about steam boats. I'm about seven chapters in and I am completely bored. Is the whole book so filled with the steam boat/river/etc. descriptions? Maybe i'm being nit-picky, but I think I'm just looking for more action, fights, adventure, or anything that is not steam boat related. Even the rare vampire parts so far were rather uninteresting to me.

    Please give me your thoughts, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

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    Oh dear

    Oh dear me, Fevre Dream rates as one of the best vampire novels of all time. The sense of time and place, characters and drama in this novel are all perfect. GRRM packs so much into a relatively short novel. But then I first discovered Martin as a short story writer and if you haven't tried 'Sandkings' or 'Nightflyers' you are in -- I like to think -- for a treat.

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    I thought it was one of the best vampire novels I've ever read. Kind of like Anne Rice (with all the descriptions of New Orleans, etc.) but better.

    Personally I'm rather surprised you find it boring, if you like A Song of Ice and Fire... because those books are way more descriptive, are a lot longer, and can be quite slow (especially Books 4 & 5).

    EDIT: I noticed you say you're a fan of "GOT". Does that mean you only watch the show? Or have you read the novels (which are called A Song of Ice and Fire, not GOT).

    I'd recommend you keep reading, but I don't know if you'll change your mind at this point.

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