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    Isaac Asimov's Foundation series

    IMHO the Foundation series are the most dull books at all time. Does anyone agree?

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    I beg to differ... they are some of the classics of SF. The original Foundation trilogy have brilliant maneuvering and intrigue and one of the best endings of any series I've read.

    But then, I'm just an Asimov fan...

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    I read the first trilogy 30 years ago. They are classic. However, since then I have picked up the remaining books and never quite finish them, especially the recent ones that were ghostwritten after Asimov's death. Were you referring to the original trilogy or all the subsequent works or all of the above?

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    The original Foundation Trilogy is classic science fiction from the golden age, it is an awsome work, I re-visit it a lot... my books have begun to fall apart they are the used.

    I have not read any of the newer books... they are not Asimov... nuff said.

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    I've got to disagree with the first statement too, I'm afraid. They are old and a lot of people have copied the themes since they were written (Rise & fall of Empires etc..). This tends to make modern readers unhappy. Perhaps the thing that I found most interesting was the way that Asimov had no aliens (could this be why to some people it is boring?) and also the way that he deliberately tried to suggest that progress could be made without cosmic battles and huge spaceships - very different from a lot of the whee-whizz-bang Sf written at the same time.


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    I tried Asimov once but I think I'll finish it when I'm older since I didn't understand every second sentence.

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