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    Fantasy novel with wizards/elves on a ship?

    I once read a fantasy book that had one of the worst cliff-hangers ever, never got to read the sequel, and it's been living and nagging at the back of my brain ever since. I seem to have misplaced the book during my young nomadic years and I can't remember the author or the title, but I think I remember some story bits that should narrow it down.

    -- If I'm remembering correctly, the cover had a group of people on a small boat, like something that would be sent off a larger ship.

    -- Most of the story takes place on a ship, which is captained by an Elf.

    -- A witch (though I almost want to say female wizard) is traveling on this ship with her grumpy old father wizard.

    -- There might be a type of Little Person, perhaps 12" or so?

    -- Wizards can become young again by traveling to a special wizard land and performing a certain ritual.

    -- When the woman was at school, there was this "girly" spell you could cast which would show you the face of your true love in a mirror. I think the Elf captain was her true love. Anyway there was a spark between them.

    -- I don't really remember the plot at all, but it ends with this group of wizards performing this elaborate dance to get into their special wizard land just seconds before a giant wave comes and drowns the area. You don't know if they made it or not.

    I would love to be able to find the book, read it again, and finally read the sequel! I mean, I'm pretty sure no one died, that would be a terrible way to start the second book, but my curiosity has been stewing over this story for YEARS! Please help! Thank you!

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    UPDATE!: A member from another forum found it for me, but I can't delete this thread. If you're curious, it was Voyage of the Fox Rider by Dennis L. McKiernan.

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