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    Need help finding an old collection of shor storeis.

    Back in the '60's I read a great collection of short stories containing, amongst other clever things, a few "Galactic Consumer Reports" on various intersting products, such as twin-tube wishing machines. It was a truly entertaining collection, and I have been searching for it in vain for many years. Can anyone here at sffworld assist me?

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    Hi Kilgren, have you tried <>? They have listed F&SF back quite a way and the contributor David looked one up for me but it wasn't the one. Don't remeber your story. How about one I search for? A man today dies and gets into the body of a playman manufactured by a woman of the future from recycled bits. She makes playmen for pleasure. If he doesn't please her he'll get recycled. Remember reading it aged 15 circa 1955 and it stuck with me all these years.

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