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    PENTIAK: a story is almost only dialogue and description,even 'He walked into the room..' is description. Which is why dresses are described with such detail.
    Any way i like the pern series and the Talents series best out of McCaffery but then i'd be classified as a young woman so you might as well ignore me.

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    I'm 21 and I find the Pern stories quite amusing.
    But I think that Marion Zimmer Bradley is better... her stories appeal to both sexes and to most of the age groups :-)
    All the best

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    I'm danish, but living in Spain
    Just a thought....

    Would anyone ever have asked if a book written by a man with a male lead character was only for men?

    We women are so used to reading books from a male point of view, that I don't even think we speculate about it.

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