He is Afraid but Tries

James F. Newell

In E-space*
It is memes which are real,
Evolving by self-belief
And a tacit dictionary
Of meaning-forms,
Which in humans
Are mere thoughts.

Kaleidoscopic E-space,
Cluster of meaning dimensions,
One route through hyperspace
That few dare take,
Where even a monitor trained
Like Harry
Can suddenly find himself
With white fur and tail
Or in a landscape
Of slippery banana peels.

It's easy for memes
To dance between beautiful and ugly,
To step between wise and foolish.

How humans hesitate
Between flowing memes
And the stiffness of dogmatic stone,
Unsure of reasons
To laser point their choice
And what that choice
Will bring.

One thing we know;
A stone will never go
Where no stone
Has ever gone before,
Will never see
The most wonderful thing
The universe can show.

*David Brin, HEAVEN'S REACH, 1999, New York:Bantum Books