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    Fantasy Mapmaking - A new blog devoted to fantasy maps and cartography!

    Hey Guys,

    I revealed some exciting news today on my blog, Fantasy In Motion! I've decided to start up a second, sister blog, dedicated to maps and mapmakers. Here's some more on the new blog:

    Fantasy Mapmaking is a brand new sister blog to Fantasy In Motion, that celebrates everything to do with maps and fantasy worldbuilding. We’ll have regular weekly posts and features that showcase the best maps from across the web, discuss just about everything and give helpful tips and techniques.
    Visit this link to reach Fantasy Mapmaking!

    Come pay us a visit sometime

    ~ Cirias

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    Your map blog

    I, for one, am glad to see this, Cirias. My current WIP would definitely receive a boost in readability with a map, yet it's a subject (one of many!) in which I am mostly ignorant.


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    Will definitely be checking this out!

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