These 3 (or 2 depending on what you find to buy) novels are set in a near-future where global warming actually causes serious environmental changes so quickly that the Mediterranean Sea is being filled across the straights due to water levels rising, masses of people had to come in from coastal lands as those are now under water, and... the resulting political turmoil that came from that.

The politics are essentially a socialist party, a conservative party, and then the giant corporations that have sprung up in the wake of the warming who command more power than the government. One of those is Event Horizon.

Add to this mix some folks who have government implanted glands that allow them to perceive whether or not someone is lying or the ability to see into the future for a while and you've got all the makings of a decent story.

So, there's the backdrop in a just a few sentences...

Sadly, the issues the characters face are just lacking in gravitas. Maybe its just me and me not being a huge detective story fan. I am just not the best guy on the planet to review this sort of a book because I haven't read enough of them.

I enjoyed the series buuut.... I won't be going out buying in hardback and hunting down signed copies. Again, the biggest problem I had is that the conflict in the stories is just sorely lacking in gravitas.

I give this series a C- but honestly I think most of that is because I am not a detective novel fan.

Did anyone else out there enjoy this series?