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    I would like to promote a new fantasy community THE FANTASY MESSAGE BOARD. If you are a fan of all things fantasy fiction feel free to check us out and post some of your thoughts. Topics of interest include fantasy fiction in literature, movies, RPG's, art and mythology. Also discussed are a number of other topics that make our community a bit different than most others such as medieval times, castles, weapons and warefare, the occult, paganism and much much more.

    Members are allowed their own personal photo gallery to show off any of their favorite fantasy related images, personal photo's ect. If you are interested in becoming a part of THE FANTASY MESSAGE BOARD drop on by and start up a topic! Just visit the following addy..

    or just google us at "FANTASY MESSAGE BOARD"

    P.S. --> Hobbit. Thanks for PM'ing me about a previous post I had made regarding this forum but did not find it so I could not add to it. Instead, I just made this new one so I hope you don't mind. If by chance my old post is still somewhere on the board perhaps you could delete and I will just use this one.
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    Any thoughts on the site? Would love to hear any suggestions.

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    No suggestions?

    I would really value any input from other fantasy fans as to what you think about my forum. What could be changed? Are the topics interesting enough?

    Hope someone will comment on it.

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    Heya. I visited the site, here are my thoughts...

    Seems like you have a pretty good collection of sub-forums. Don't know if it may be a bit too diverse and you may in time need to refine it down to certain key areas. There are other forums out there including SSFWorld, so you need to offer something that is unique, to make it worthwhile coming to your community and investing time there. Is there a niche' not already catered for on the web? try to develop something a little different, but needed by fans.

    Graphically the site is OTT, most fantasy community sites are poor, SFFWorld is bland as anything, is totally dull looking, is reasonable. Make yours a rare visual treat.

    The page background looks a mess with its repeating tile, and the top banner is not attractive. Looks like you just grabbed a bunch of other peoples art, did you get their permission? You need a custom banner of your own design.

    What are the huge 'download' and 'play now' buttons all about? The url links look crazy and make me think 'trojanware' you should get rid of those right away, or put a message explaining what they are and reduce the size.

    Good luck with the site.

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    Thanks for the input. Those big buttons are just ads which I plan on removing and I guess I will keep on searching for a better header. I didn't think the background looked all that bad but I guess if you think it looks wrong?

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    Well, decided to work on some changes per your suggestions. Have a completely new look though I'm keeping the header logo as I personally like it at least until I can make something better. The background should not be repeating, the ads will be gone soon within a few weeks as well. I actually like this new look though I still have a few tweeks and things to finish.

    Thanks for your suggestions!

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    The new look is done!

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