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Thread: 1950's SciFi

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    1950's SciFi

    In the mid 1950's I belonged to a coffee mess book club that was dedicated to science fiction literature. We subscribed to several magazines and members contributed from their own reading.

    I am looking for one containing a story about the world after homosexuals are accepted and they came to dominate society to the extent of having a special policing authority. In view of the pressure being exerted by homosexuals to be accepted as a normal lifestyle, I am interested in this, for me, seminal writing.

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    I know of some similar stories from that period. There is A. Bertram Chandler's 'False Fatherland' [US - 'Spartan Planet']. There is John Wyndham's 'Consider Her Ways' that has an all-female society. Also Poul Anderson's 'Virgin Planet'.

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    There's also Anthony Burgess's The Wanting Seed.

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