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    Suciul, do you think reading At All Costs then the Saganami books followed by Crown of Slaves/Torch of Freedom is a good order before Mission of Honor? I'm really not sure which order to read them and it's why I've stuck with the main series for now. I'm pretty sure you've told me before which is the best order to read them, but for the life of me I can't remember where I read it! Still, very much enjoying the whole series and it's firmly in my top three series of books I've read.
    The main reason to read Shadow of Saganami before At All Costs (they happen very much in parallel, with AAC ending only a few days later after the end of SoS) is for chapter 5 in Sos and the (in)famous meeting there where two very important characters, Aldona Anisimovna and Isabel Bardasano, are introduced, so when the two appear in AAC (at an earlier and then later time from that meeting) and their "real" role is started to be revealed, you won't be "who are these?" And of course in the aforementioned later appearence, the main story from SoS is recounted by them, so you will know what happens in SoS to some extent, while of course reading SoS you won't have an inkling about AAC (as you will see when the ending events in both are superposed time-wise)...

    Also before reading Crown of Slaves, I would read:

    From the highlands - Anton Zilwicky (one of the two main protagonists of CoS. ToF) his daughters, Helen and Berry (Helen stars in Sos and the later Talbot books, while Berry is central to Cos) and Victor's (the other main protagonist of CoS. ToF, the two being later called the "dynamic duo") first main appearance in the series - Anton appears a little in Short Victorious war when his wife dies heroically defending the convoy carrying Anton and baby Helen, while Victor's mentor is Kevin Usher who appears also in the early novels and then becomes prominent later in the new Republic

    Service of the Sword - here we see Capt Overstegeen (High Ridge's nephew and of the same political orientation but also a very competent captain) who stars in CoS and then later in the series and Abigail Hearns, daughter and Heir of a Grayson steadholder and first Grayson woman officer who later stars in the Talbot books and becomes Helen's mentor to some extent

    Fanatic - Victor's second appearance, just before Saint Just's overthrow

    and maybe Promised Land the story with Judith's escape from Masada when pregnant with Ruth - Cos takes place 24 years later, Judith is now Queen Elizabeth's sister in law and in CoS, (Princess by adoption) Ruth is one of the important characters and driver of the action

    In the same vein but less important on first read, the two recent stories from In Fire Forged, Ruthless (Judith, Roger and baby Ruth in danger) and Let's dance (young HH kicking slavers butt, becoming friends with the Ballroom and only as protegee of Admiral Courvoisier barely escaping sacking by the powerful guys from Anton's list acquired in From the Highlands - this of course happens much later -) are useful adding depth and explaining a little better something from AAC

    So maybe reading Sos before AAC is a good idea, or you can read them in parallel for that matter and then go to StfS.
    Cos and Tof can be read after, just before MoH

    Edit: as an aside Victor Cachat (kick ass revolutionary from the slums of Nouveau Paris, hater of all things aristocratic and elitist) is Eric Flint's most notable character of the Honorverse and reminds one a lot of the powerful character of Gretchen Richter from 163*
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