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    Juvenile novel, 70s/80s, forgotten children fading into another existence

    It was a children's novel I read in high school between 1978-81.
    A boy's family for some reason starts to forget about him, and he finds the world around him fading into black and white and other people aren't noticing him any more (as if he's not there). Gradually he realises he is the one fading away into some kind of other existence where everything is black and white.

    Every now and then he finds other objects that have also faded from the real world - he and these other objects are the only things that are in colour in this place. Also they are the only things/people he can interact with. So he has to find food that has faded into this other place so he can eat. I believe he finds another person there also.

    I can't remember how he eventually manages to get back to the "real" and colourful world.

    I think the reason things and people faded into this place was because they had been forgotten.

    I would love to read this again! Does it ring a bell with anyone?


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    I wish I could remember this too! I read this back in high school. I'm sure it had the word "Shadow"in the title, like "The Shadow Boy" or something? or possibly "The Nothing Boy"? I can't find anything on google however.

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    Oh I am glad someone else remembers this! Thanks for the tip, I will keep searching. I have no recollection of the title at all.

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