Hello everyone,

Ive been a lurker for the past few years and found some amazing book recommendations here (mainly Lies of Locke Lamore & Name of the wind).

Anyways I keep looking through posts for books that interest me and I figured I might as well say hi and thanks and possibly try to ask directly.

Would anyone know some great contemporary fantasy books? I like things that take place in the modern world with people who have powers.

I enjoyed the Dresden books but not really that crazy over them.

I absolutely loved Chronicles of amber, I enjoy books with conmen and such in it which is why I loved lies of locke lamora (even though its not technically "contemporary).

Heck I even love vampire books but not really the romance ones, more the various vampire houses and how they interact/plot against one another.

Anyways if you have any recommendations id love to hear them. Even a great high fantasy series to replace Wheel of time when its done (ive also read George Martin and enjoyed that one too).