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    Just some titles

    I just want to get other people's thoughts on these randomly generated titles I got from The Forge, which can be quite cool. Just wondering if you think any of these have story potential, as I thinking of starting a fantasy novel but don't know where to start. Probably by NOT having elves. Or dwarves. Or gnomes, halflings, orcs, or dragons. Or vampires or werewolves. In fact I should stick mainly to my own made-up creatures, I think. Or do something different with all of the above.

    Random titles or objects or places or creatures etc: (quality not guaranteed)

    The Kin of the Sun
    The Silver Crystal
    The Silk Rain
    The Mana Tree
    The Rose Walker
    The Diamond Slayer
    The Ash Strider
    The Charred Keep, Temple
    The Dust Fountain
    The Ghost Hall
    The Jade Path
    Black Steel
    The Bristle Mines
    Skull Bender
    Soul Forest
    Phase Path
    Prismatic Pool
    Shatter Truth
    Jade Hollow
    Brimstone Dawn
    Mana Strider
    Frost Well
    Moon Throne
    Silver Truth
    Mana Saber
    Brimstone Skull
    Mute Dawn
    Charred Poet
    Swift Fire
    Rising Hollow
    Fire Meadow
    Burning Earth
    Brimstone Path
    Broken Path
    White Path
    Gnarled Path
    Azure Path
    Path of the Tempest
    Silver Sun
    Path of the Mage
    Rubble Kingdoms
    Road to Renewal
    Nether Moon Facility
    Fields of Balance
    Plateau of The Moon
    Garden of Man
    Crater Steel, Steel Crater
    Crossroad Pyre

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    If I were to write a story with a title from that list I'd probably narrow it down to one of these:

    Crossroad Pyre, Moon Throne, or Ashen Strider.

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    Most of them feel like they have been seen before.
    Go with what defines the book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igor View Post
    Most of them feel like they have been seen before.
    Go with what defines the book.
    Agreed. There are some really uninspiring titles here, but I guess it's the story that counts!

    the Skull Bender...?

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    And Dan has thrown me a title thread!

    Back way back, I got to play with a flip chart (made out of paper squares on metal loops!) that someone had created with words that you could flip around to make romance novel titles, which was hilarious because the random grouping of words would totally work for the romances. These title generators on the Net work on the same principle, just with more words. But the problem remains the same, fantasy novel titles have gotten way too generic and largely meaningless. They don't have to be. They are not constrained like mysteries to have some sort of suspense signal in the title, or romance to have some sort of romance signal in the title. Science fiction does better, though not always, and there are sometimes interesting fantasy novel titles, because hey, there are thousands of the things, but the standard title for fantasy novels are ones like these from the list:

    The Silver Crystal
    Black Steel
    Path of the Mage
    Moon Throne

    I think I blame acronyms for this. In fantasy, titles aren't particularly important, at least for individual books. Sometimes they are just series variations under the main series' title. And when we talk about them, we're constantly using acronyms, unless it is the more rare one word title. It's gotten to the point where I often have to look up an author's book list to know to which book the acronym refers. It's made publishers revert to lazy word salad a lot of the time, instead of crafting something that fits the book and series. They are not horrible titles at all; they're just very interchangeable and kind of bland. How many times do we need to call books Sword of Fire? (Enough apparently that we had the satiric fantasy show Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire.)

    I have actually bought and/or read novels just because they had an interesting title. Just recently: My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland (which was very nice, though not quite as comic as you might expect.) It also had a good cover. A one word title like Green by Jay Lake interests me. (Also helps to have a good cover like that one had.) Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Going Postal. The Nymphos of Rocky Flats. In the Forest of Hands and Teeth (okay, it has forest in it, but it's at least a bit more distinctive.) Silently and Very Fast.

    I don't think we need to ban words like shadow, crystal, sword, blood, kingdom, moon, etc., or the various colors, but when I get the release news from publishers, I'm often ending up groaning. It's not a new problem; it's just there are so many titles now, it pops up more visibly. Or rather, less visibly -- it's getting very hard to remember them. And I do think in the Net era, that's a problem.

    That all being said, the titles on your list that stick out for me, Dan, besides the two or three SF titles I don't think would work for you much, are:

    The Dust Fountain
    Charred Poet
    Rubble Kingdoms

    Those are word salads that make me more curious.

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    I rather liked Rubble Kingdoms as well, and also The Mana Tree. I have no idea what the latter might actually mean, but it sounds nice.

    A lot better than Skull Bender <snigger> anyway...

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