I just want to get other people's thoughts on these randomly generated titles I got from The Forge, which can be quite cool. Just wondering if you think any of these have story potential, as I thinking of starting a fantasy novel but don't know where to start. Probably by NOT having elves. Or dwarves. Or gnomes, halflings, orcs, or dragons. Or vampires or werewolves. In fact I should stick mainly to my own made-up creatures, I think. Or do something different with all of the above.

Random titles or objects or places or creatures etc: (quality not guaranteed)

The Kin of the Sun
The Silver Crystal
The Silk Rain
The Mana Tree
The Rose Walker
The Diamond Slayer
The Ash Strider
The Charred Keep, Temple
The Dust Fountain
The Ghost Hall
The Jade Path
Black Steel
The Bristle Mines
Skull Bender
Soul Forest
Phase Path
Prismatic Pool
Shatter Truth
Jade Hollow
Brimstone Dawn
Mana Strider
Frost Well
Moon Throne
Silver Truth
Mana Saber
Brimstone Skull
Mute Dawn
Charred Poet
Swift Fire
Rising Hollow
Fire Meadow
Burning Earth
Brimstone Path
Broken Path
White Path
Gnarled Path
Azure Path
Path of the Tempest
Silver Sun
Path of the Mage
Rubble Kingdoms
Road to Renewal
Nether Moon Facility
Fields of Balance
Plateau of The Moon
Garden of Man
Crater Steel, Steel Crater
Crossroad Pyre