What are the best Rock-n-Roll songs about or related to Fantasy Fiction? Please stick to Rock-n-Roll. Sorry if you're a huge fan, but Enya is NOT Rock-n-Roll. I'll get us started with some obvious entries (Please list artist followed by track title then comment):

Led Zeppelin
Ramble On
A tribute to Tolkien's poetry & LOTR. Runner up mention to Misty Mountain Hop and The Battle of Evermore.

Jimi Hendrix
All Along The Watchtower
Musical imagery equivalent to a Frazetta drawing. A shout out to Bob Dylan, but Hendrix and the Experience infuse Dylan's composition with the power it needs to be a Fantasy classic.

Jefferson Airplane
White Rabbit
The definitive link between the 60's counter-culture and Fantasy Literature. Zeppelin transported us from present day into a fantasy world. Airplane dragged the fantasy world into present day.