Obviously it'll have a better name that 'my new fantasy'

So I've started work on a new fantasy novel (my third attempt, after the last two didn't get very far and I lost passion for them... that's not a spectre looming over this work!) and I've decided I'll be trying to steer away from cliches. That doesn't mean it'll be all new creatures (sentient and not), or all new spells or all new types of places. There'll be whatever I can think of, of course, and I'll try my best to be original. But the point of this work is to avoid cliches, and to do so when it's possible without stretching credibility (sometimes bending over backwards to go anti-cliche is just contrived, obviously, or it just stands out like a sore thumb for one reason or another).

This is my sounding board. People can give me feedback on ideas - not the actual writing, that goes somewhere else I think, although I could be talked into posting it on this forum in the appropriate place. I'm just going to use this thread as a 'master thread' and bounce ideas around in general.