I'm more of fantasy reader than scifi reader. But I like to read good science fiction (along with mystery, literature, various non-fiction). Because I don't read enough to determine the best of the best I have in the past relied on “generally accepted” lists. Reading Hugo winning novels has been rewarding to this end. However, lately, I feel like the best science fiction is getting over looked. Either that or there has not been much great science fiction lately. Great is defined as books that will be on your “best of” lists 20 years from now.

The Hugo awards are still a good source of good reading but they may have jumped the shark somewhat. I can point to 2001 when a Harry Potter book won.
2002 American Gods – Great book but fantasy
2003 Hominids – Very good (that’s 1)
2004 Paladin of Souls – Very good fantasy
2005 Jonathan Strange – Great but fantasy
2006 Spin Very Good (2)
2007 Rainbows End – I loved his earlier work – this one not so much
2008 Yiddish Policemens Union – Very good, glad I read it but I am not big on alt history
2009 The Graveyard Book - Very good, glad I read it but I am not big on YA
2010 Windup Girl & The City Great (3 or is it 4)
2011 – Blackout – By the time an author wins 3 they seem to be winning on popularity and the qulity does not seem up to par.
2012 - Very good fantasy

That’s 3 for 12 (starting 2001). I know it is a speculative fiction award but the trophy is a rocket. Where is the great science fiction?

What am I looking for? Good question. Post on this site are generally all over the place (or skewed but author input). I would not trust any reviews on Amazon.

So two questions:
Has there been great science fiction written in the 21st century?
Are there credible scifi only awards and year end lists?