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    Things You Never Knew Existed 20 Minutes Ago That You Now NEED!

    I have long loved the wonderfully dreadful Italian, post Star Wars, Barbarella lite film StarCrash for all sorts of reasons. Though, if I'm honest, mostly because it has teenage crush Caroline Munro running around in a see-through space suit. It is a bewilderingly bad film that leaps about all over the place, doesn't make much sense when it gets anywhere, but manages to be vastly entertaining all the same.

    I have over the last few years come to appreciate the novels of A E van Vogt which often induce a similar sense of bewilderment in me. I'm sure a lot of his books made a lot of sense to van Vogt when he dreamed them up (literally) but they leave me deliciously baffled.

    It was no surprise then to discover that the writer of StarCrash, Luigi Cozzi, was a van Vogt fan and had 'use[d] novels of A.E. Van Vogt as a model...'* What was a surprise, and a delight, was to discover that van Vogt wrote the script for an unmade sequel called Star Riders**


    Does this happen to other people? (Does anyone have a copy?)


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    Quote Originally Posted by JunkMonkey View Post
    Does this happen to other people?
    Yes - all the time, actually.

    Basically, I tend to be a bit like Corporal Nobby Nobbs from Discworld - at least in theory, sadly there's this thing called money that causes a problem - in that I largely want anything that's not nailed down, and if it is nailed down then I'll probably want it and whatever it's nailed to.

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