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    It happens every year, every season, every WINTER

    Hello, CaptainZ. I'm new here. Been very busy as most of you all are too. I just wanted to share my preview for my book with you all.

    It's called Winter; as you all know will be here in 2 months.( The actually season that is) Just wanted some feedback from you all and see what I can do to make it better or if it will be a good book that people will enjoy. The book is a sci-fi suspense thriller with a little bit of horror and military elements within it too.

    Honestly I'm just here to try to share my work with as many as possible.
    I ain't gonna spam. I don't like it so I know you don't

    You can download the first three chapters of the book at the bottom link: Don't worry there is no viruses with this. Amazon will tell you to proceed with caution. But I'm the one that put the preview up so don't worry about that trust me.

    Hope you all enjoy.

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