I got a Samsung Galaxy Note in March and I love it. This is the only time I've said this about a phone (ummm phablet).

Anyone else feel this way?

I've written approximately 40 pages of a new novel on here and previously another 40 pages and a previous novel at 150 pages were written on a netbook and my current experience with the phone is way better.

Granted there are some drawbacks. For instance I'll have to edit on a desktop but that was true of the netbook too. Also this very website isn't very phone friendly. Posting here might result in poor grammar because I can't scroll left or right when "inside" this "box"

Anyway, I'd love to hear about other experiences in regards to writing on alternative devices.

I'll also recommend the apps I currently use for writing and would like to hear about others:

Polaris office (with my stylus and handwriting recognition)
Mindjet (For planning out my series)
Pocket (because I do tonnes of research and wikipedia has a max number of saved pages while pocket does not)