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Thread: three series

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    three series

    All series were in paperback.

    The first is about a girl from a family that is all magic, the women with particular powers, the men competing to see which will become a stag-like creature and unable to leave the family compound. The family members seem to engage in sexual activities with each other as a way to "damp down" their powers.

    The second is set in London in the present. A man can find or sense ghosts/demons/etc but his power has caused a terrible mishap to befall his best friend, who is now possessed. The trio is completed by a girl, who is the ex of one of the friends. The main character is plagued by guilt and the friend is confined to a sort of nursing home.

    The third is about a girl who is a witch and is squaring off against a Dragon Lord, a presumably handsome man who also happens to turn into a dragon. There are several Dragon Lords in the story, none of whom agree on whether to ally themselves with the witch, who is protecting the other supernaturals in the city.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by my patrons!

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    pretty sure the second one is Mike Carey's Felix Castor series.

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    #2 is definitely Felix Castor series by Mike Carey and I'm relatively certain that #3 is The Chronicles of Elantra series by Michelle Sagara. It features a woman from the slums who is part of the police force of the city and is ordered back into the slums on a case with a Dragon lord partner (the Dragon race usually being in human guise.) There are different races in the series.

    Have no clue on #1. Sounds funky.

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    The first one is the Enchantment Emporium by Tanya Huff (sequel is The Wild Ways)

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