I've posted a similar thread to this before, but that was a more broad thread. One thing that has bothered me about fantasy is that despite looking to real world mythologies and cultures for inspiration, much of it lacks a sense of being informed by the related occult teachings, instead choosing a "just because" approach to magic.It has no flavor to it truly in this sense.It's just Deus ex Machina that happens to appear often in a story. It also doesn't explain certain conundrums such as "if this magic is so widespread then why do we have this problem". Which the occult gives us an explanation for. While mastery does give you astounding power, it's not as simple as snapping your fingers, it has rules, and it requires a great deal of skill and study of rather expansive spiritual concepts, and overuse or incorrect use can be dangerous. Of course I can understand how one might be afraid to turn half the story into a discourse on esoteric religion and such things, but it would really help.I was honestly wondering if there is any non-urban/contemporary fantasy that has been clearly informed by real world occult traditions? I'm not saying that people should totally rip them off, or tell me of any total rip offs, but are there are any informed by these traditions at the very least?