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    Well this thread seems bound to be derailed by myself others, and anyone else.

    Interesting quandary that. What is the limit of human understanding, and can we fully understand the supernatural or the mundane?Given the infinite number of reasons and facts that would need to be in place to support every law of existence, there would have to be an equal amount of reasons. Thus it is my conclusion that it is impossible to know everything, no matter what sort of mind is studying this existence or calculating all known factors.

    Also Vinegar, I question why you're here.You seem like one who's not only more interested in science fiction but perhaps even has a certain disdain for fantasy fiction and it's fans and writers.Especially since you seem so hell bent on derailing this thread.

    About the only works these days I can find by authors with an understanding these days seem to be only concerned about writing of what I have described in a contemporary setting somewhere on earth.About one of the only authors who may describe it such a way that I can find is David Eddings, specifically the Elenium series, and I've heard some less than flattering things about his work (some of it on here.) so I'm hesitant to seek any of his writings out without heavy research or analysis first. In general it seems though that outside of the urban fantasy segment of the genre, such things are lacking or are just very hard to find in general. I cannot determine which is true. Also Seli, I checked TV Tropes and I could hardly find a damn thing.Perhaps it is spread out under a number of different categories on that site though and I'm just not looking in the right place.Once again, I cannot really tell.
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